Wanda King

Like you, Mindset Transformation coach, speaker, author, and entrepreneur Wanda King has seen first hand in corporate America the challenges women have breaking the "glass ceiling" in leadership roles. Is it skepticism, of women not able to handle the pressure?   Is it meant only for the chosen few to have these positions? Is it that women are not regarded as critical thinkers or reliable decision makers? Or, is there a different story?

With almost three decades of in-the-trenches business experience in various diverse corporate industries (aerospace, software, and MLM's) and now, living her passion as a women's communications empowerment coach and speaker, her view is quite different from the status quo. Wanda believes, more often than not, that these glass ceilings are not constructed externally. The majority of women not able to achieve the recognition they deserve and break through the glass ceilings to Sr. management and executive leadership positions is created from within. Their glass ceilings are built from self-defeating thoughts, self-imposed fear, self-imposed doubt, and thoughts of failing. Their inner saboteur voice is their glass ceiling. 

Wanda, many times is referred to as passionate about her purpose to help others embrace their value or her positive outlook on life; in spite of all the adversities and near death experience she has gone through.  Her coaching style is one that connects with the heart of her clients, helping them to discover their greatness from within. Wanda has an authentic, sincere ability to capture her audience with her conversational style at an intimate, intuitive, and individual level.

Wanda's passion for valuing people at all levels and all walks of life did not begin as a Mindset Transformation Coach, specializing in Women's Communication Empowerment.  Before becoming a full-time coach, Wanda spent over 25 years in corporations training thousands of employees from contact center agents, aerospace technicians to executives.  At times, she worked closely with department heads to assess employee performance challenges, leadership excellence, and staff training needs. Her compassion and intuitive connection to people allowed her to identify deficiencies where employee morale, performance, and quality were at all-time lows; due to being devalued, under appreciated, and underutilized for their skill sets. Wanda developed and implemented an Organizational Management program called  "Promoting the Positive" the program focused on leadership values and employee first mind-sets. In the first eight months of the program implementation, analytical reports showed a substantial increase in performance, quality, and employee satisfaction; resulting in increased customer satisfaction. 


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